It has been a while since last update, and we would like to keep you updated on what has happened during last few weeks: we got folks playing the game.

On May 20-24, E-GameShow event has been held in Ankara. There were many companies from games and simulations industry, and torreng had its place among other ATOM teams. A lot of visitors had the chance to play the pre-alpha version and they have got hooked on it instantly! OK, not so instantly. But after they got a hold on to the mechanic, things went really smooth from there. Some even played for hours just to see how the puzzles develop! (Couple of them actually have finished the game.)






We also met with many other developers and had some chat with them, played their games and got them to play Fabric. The enormous amount of feedback between us, the devs, as well as from visitor folks, has immensely helped us to realize things that needs improvement or completely replaced.

Another occasion was at ATOM, a couple of days ago.  This summer, ATOM has twice as many interns as last summer. These bright and capable future-gamedevs are the perfect crowd to get feedback from, since their profile stands in the line between gamers and gamedevs.


In a short session, we watched them play and listened their thoughts on what to improve and how.

These kind of first impressions are, perhaps the most important ones among all public showcases. As the curse makes all gamedevs around the world suffer, many aspects of the game that seem smooth to us during many months of development, are proven… not so smooth. Here, this is especially the case where the core mechanic is somewhat extraordinary. In conclusion, those sessions have shown us where our focus should be at. Now, there is a lot work needs to be done ahead of us.

Stay tuned, good news are on the horizon! (probably before the end of the month)

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