We were at Gaming Istanbul a few weeks back. So far it was the biggest gaming event we have ever been to and it was awesome! Again, many people came to play Fabric and some even recognized it! Looks like our Greenlight campaign definitely helped spreading word out. Almost all of the local press was present. Being interviewed for the first time was a very exciting experience. We met with game developers outside Ankara and had a chance to see some games which we’ve been following. Also we didn’t know there was such a big cosplay community in Turkey! It was a pleasant surprise to see so many great cosplays in one place.

So yeah, it was a great and fun experience overall. Hope to see many more local indies at this kind of events!


IMG_20160205_131411 IMG_20160205_132713 IMG_20160206_161407



As for Fabric itself, we’re getting closer to release! All features are working and it’s time to create more challenging levels, and we’re making considerable amount of progress on story side and visuals.  Here’s a clue of what Fabric is going to look like:


Also, we got the soundtrack covered. It is being composed at this very moment.

Stay tuned! We’ll have exciting things to show in the weeks to come!


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