Looks like it has been a while since our last blog post. We’re on full speed to release and have some news to share. Here’s what we have been doing in the last 2 months.

FabricSS01 FabricSS02


If you are familiar with Fabric, you’ll easily notice the differences in images above and earlier screeshots. Visual style has gone through a major overhaul, in the direction of feedback we received from artist fellows; though the minimalist style is still present, textures are not pixelated anymore. The game looks way better now.

Not only all textures changed but all models also have been redone! — which is the weapon model. Oscar goes to Engin for his awesome work.



It was just little a bit (!?) late but we finally realized there has to be some puzzles in the game. We made tons of new levels and tested them on our poor “test subjects”. Jokes aside, we take this testing business very seriously. Already, Fabric’s core mechanic is somewhat extraordinary. It is very challenging for us to make players get a grasp on implications of this core mechanic, let alone making them go through a meaningful experience we designed. Testing showed us that though the tutorial levels are much better than the older ones, there are still a couple of flaws to get rid of. Good news is, once the players understand how bending mechanic works, they really enjoy the puzzles afterwards. Once they got out of tutorial levels, they didn’t want to leave before the demo’s 40-odd puzzles are done.

IMG_20160423_132843 (1)


After all these, Torreng Labs sponsored METU E-Sport Finals which took place in 20th METUCon, on 23th of April. The event was wonderful, and we had chance to reach new players and fellow indie devs. A beautiful Lovecraftian RPG was present at the event. Have look at their game, it looks awesome and promising. Good luck on Kickstarter, guys!

A big thanks to all who visited us at METUCon and gave awesome feedback.

To sum up, we are getting close to a final version day by day. There is still work to be done, and if everything goes as planned, Fabric will be released this summer. We can’t specify an exact date at the moment, but the wait is almost over.

Stay tuned!


One thought on “Alpha Testing and Metucon

  1. I was one of these poor test subjects,
    They asked me for 3 hours of playing and to give them feedback everytime. I must say I am very familiar with video games and puzzles. I had played most of that kind of games already but after that 3 hours of Fabric (in general I don’t play that much without any break) they let me to do what I want to do and what I wanted to do was only playing that stupid game more. I finished all levels they had and now I am more excited about the releasing date.

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