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Okay, that’s a kind of silly coincidence that we’ve begun public tests at e-GameShow 2015, and now we are finishing them up at e-GameShow 2016. e-GameShow is a game convention that hosts developers from gamedev industry and cosplayers (mostly cosplayers, to be frank) which takes place in Ankara annually. On June 2-5, we were at e-GameShow’s indie area to give visitors a chance to taste the latest version of Fabric.


This was our second participation to e-GameShow and it shouldn’t go unsaid that the event had gotten a looong way from the first one. This year’s participants were more likely to be from gamedev scene and well-prepared for their presentations: LoL, Mount&Blade, No 70, Beat the Game, Stygian: Reign of the Old Ones, to name just a few. There was also an area for small indies like us and devs from all over the country who came to show their precious work. And we saw that lots of beautiful and promising games are on the way. Folks keep saying this, but that’s the truth of it: there is huge potential in Turkish indie scene.

It was amazing to see that the visitor crowd was almost three fold than the last year, yet indie area had far fewer visitors due to the rather remote and isolated place it has been given. Our cozy little stage at the back was rarely left idle of testers, though; infrequent the visitors were, but they were playing the game for so long time the count didn’t matter. The one minor detail that made us proud that some of the visitors turned out to be followers who got to know of us from previous events we’ve participated or through social media. The feeling of reaching out to people and getting their appreciation is something every fellow gamedev strives to get. It’s wonderful.

Tugbek Olek - Co-Founds of Seti Media (Oyungezer)
Tugbek Olek – Co-Founder of Seti Media (Oyungezer)

About Fabric, yeah, we’re almost at the end! It feels like we will never finish the development and every blog post mentions some “almost”. Even we ourselves have hard time believing that virtually 4 years of work’s end finally draws near. However, it really is. Recent test sessions gave satisfying results; test subjects are way less likely to stuck on puzzles. Difficulty curve feels accurate, even when we had prepared a special reduced build for event demo. (One dude managed to achieve to reach end of all 20-odd levels, where we selected last 5 levels from most challenging levels). Feedbacks flowed of course, mechanics are settled and well-perceived, but a little bit more juice and polish is needed, especially on visual the visuals.

Last event left behind, next one will be the release itself. We plan to announce a date and publish Steam store page soon! (This time, real soon.)

METU E-Sports Society
My Favourite Cosplay
Best cosplay eu
Well, better not make these testers angry (one with the red, especially. he finished the demo)

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