Fabric Release Date Is…

12 August 2016! Hello everyone, We are very excited to announce that Fabric will be available on Steam about in a week! You can check out the trailer on the store page right here: Steam store page Don’t forget to add it to your wishlist, and help us spread the word!  

E-GameShow 2016 and (more) Testing Sessions

Hey everyone! Okay, that’s a kind of silly coincidence that we’ve begun public tests at e-GameShow 2015, and now we are finishing them up at e-GameShow 2016. e-GameShow is a game convention that hosts developers from gamedev industry and cosplayers (mostly cosplayers, to be frank) which takes place in Ankara annually. On June 2-5, we were at e-GameShow’s indie area to give […]

Alpha Testing and Metucon

Looks like it has been a while since our last blog post. We’re on full speed to release and have some news to share. Here’s what we have been doing in the last 2 months. Visuals If you are familiar with Fabric, you’ll easily notice the differences in images above and earlier screeshots. Visual style has gone through a major overhaul, in the […]

We were at Gaming Istanbul

We were at Gaming Istanbul a few weeks back. So far it was the biggest gaming event we have ever been to and it was awesome! Again, many people came to play Fabric and some even recognized it! Looks like our Greenlight campaign definitely helped spreading word out. Almost all of the local press was present. Being […]

…And Greenlit!

That’s right! Thanks to you all, we have been Greenlit in just 9 days! We are now working our best to bring you mind-and-space-bending, glitchy Fabric experience you guys deserve. Give the demo a try, we would love to hear your feedback. Stay tuned for updates!

E-GameShow and First Live Testing Sessions

Hello! It has been a while since last update, and we would like to keep you updated on what has happened during last few weeks: we got folks playing the game. On May 20-24, E-GameShow event has been held in Ankara. There were many companies from games and simulations industry, and torreng had its place among other ATOM teams. […]

Indie Impression Alpha Review

Hey everyone! We got some good news this morning! One of the well-known YouTubers, Indie Impression (also known as RockLeeSmile) did an alpha review for Fabric.  That was immensely helpful for us on what kind of challenges we are dealing with, from both design and technical point of view.  His advices were also invaluable for us. […]