Buying Seedboxes at a Seedbox Auction

A seedbox auction is a great way to buy seedboxes that have not yet been used. Generally, seedboxes are OP France Paris or Scaleway machines that have been resold. The machines are cheap, but often they don’t have high-end hardware. Many of the machines in this auction are only a couple of years old and have a hard drive power-on time between 30,000 and 70,000 hours. You may also find machines that aren’t even 1Gbps, but that’s okay!

Buying Seedboxes at a Seedbox

The Ultraseedbox is a seedbox service that offers users a large storage space of up to 12 TB and 500GB. Despite its modest storage space, this seedbox service has a large number of disks that make it easy to store and upload data. Its high-quality network and excellent pings mean that users can enjoy a buffer-free Plex experience. If you’re planning to use Ultraseedbox for your torrents, you can also upgrade to a VPS plan.

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There are several premium plans to choose from, each with varying speed and features. The cheapest plan costs 51-67 euros a month. The high-end plans offer 20GBPS and are allocated high CPU powers and traffic capacity. These seedboxes also come with plex, preinstalled torrent clients, and dedicated IP addresses. The plans also prioritize a support system. If you’re looking for a seedbox that works well for torrenting, Ultraseedbox’s website has helpful information that can help you.

Whether you’re looking for a simple web hosting service or a fully-customized seedbox, you’ll find a host that suits your needs and budget with Ultra Seedbox. You can even customize the seedbox’s control panel and access more features. The seedbox is also available in many different locations. If you don’t like the seedbox you’ve chosen, you can use a host from their site in the Netherlands or Germany.

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