Class-Action Lawsuit Filed Against Popular Baby Formula Company

If you’re looking for information about a recent Class-action lawsuit filed against a popular baby formula company, read on. This article details some of the issues related to Gerber, Beech-Nut, and Mead Johnson baby formulas. It may be surprising to know that you can sue any of these companies for your child’s injuries. If you are interested in filing a lawsuit, you should consult with an attorney right away.

Class-action lawsuit filed against popular baby formula company

A Baby Formula Recall Lawsuit has been filed against a popular baby formula company, NEC. Several lawsuits have been filed in the state of Illinois against the company and its subsidiaries, Mead Johnson and Abbott Laboratories. The lawsuits were originally filed in Illinois state courts but were later consolidated into one federal case by lawyers representing plaintiffs. The companies agreed to the consolidation, which will save them the expense of defending thirty individual cases.

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One of the newest class-action lawsuits filed against a popular baby formula company is filed by parents in Miami, who lost their infant to bacterial infections after feeding it Similac Pro-Advance. The lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois, seeks to represent all individuals in Illinois who purchased the product during its statute of limitations. The lawsuit also seeks to represent consumers in Rhode Island, Michigan, and Virginia.


The Beech-Nut baby formula company has been accused of violating consumer protection laws by adding dangerous heavy metals to its products. These elements are known to cause developmental and reproductive harm in babies. This lawsuit also alleges that the company failed to warn consumers about these substances. While Beech-Nut claims that its products comply with strict safety standards, this is not the case. In fact, the company allows incredibly high levels of lead and cadmium in its products, and the EPA requires water systems to reduce the levels of these elements to safe levels for drinking and infant food.

The Beech-Nut lawsuit covers anyone in the U.S. who buys baby food. This includes household and commercial customers. The lawsuits were filed in the Northern District of New York, where Beech-Nut produces its products. The lawsuits seek injunctions prohibiting Beech-Nut from selling its products or making false claims about the safety of their products. Similarly, a court order could also require Beech-Nut to conduct a corrective advertising campaign. In the worst-case scenario, this could mean product recalls.


There is a lot of controversy surrounding the safety of baby formulas. On Staten Island mom is suing five baby food manufacturers, alleging their products contain dangerous levels of heavy metals. A report released by the U.S. House of Representatives found that five baby food companies produce high levels of heavy metals in their products. She is suing Gerber in hopes of making them pay. This lawsuit could be a major victory for the consumer.

The lawsuit claims that a variety of Gerber baby formulas contain harmful levels of lead. These metals are not healthy for babies, according to the Food and Drug Administration. In addition to Gerber, other companies that are facing a class action lawsuit include Earth’s Best Organic, Happy Family Organics, Sprout, and Plum Organics. But if you’re wondering how toxic these brands are, consider the following:

Mead Johnson

Mead Johnson has filed a multidistrict litigation suit against Abbott Laboratories over the alleged dangers of its NEC baby formula, a patented ingredient that can harm fetuses. The company wants the lawsuits consolidated in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, near Chicago. This move comes as the number of lawsuits against NEC baby formula continues to climb.

The lawsuit accuses Mead Johnson of negligence and failing to disclose a dangerous bug found in their infant formula. The CDC receives between four and six reports of this bug each year, but those reports are not legally required to be reported. The plaintiff, Paulina Rodriguez, has found bugs in the formula four times since November 2016.

Abbott Laboratories

A lawsuit has been filed against the popular baby formula company Abbott Laboratories by parents who bought contaminated formula and later became ill. The lawsuit claims that the tainted formula caused the infant to contract a serious bacterial infection called salmonella. The lawsuit claims that the company ignored warnings and failed to perform proper quality control and testing of its products, resulting in babies who are susceptible to bacterial infection.

The recall is part of an ongoing investigation by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) into the safety of the baby formula made by Abbott. The recalled baby formulas include the Similac, EleCare, and Alimentum brands. Infections from the contaminated products were linked to the company’s Sturgis, Michigan facility. One baby died after contracting Cronobacter Okazaki, while another was infected with Salmonella Newport. The lawsuit has prompted the recall of popular baby formula brands.

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