Examples of Google Ads

Several online advertising examples highlight the importance of a strong call to action, which can make or break the success of your ad campaign. One ad from Snapfish shows how you can print your pictures on the go for less than half the price of doing it yourself.

Examples of Google Ads

The ad includes several calls to action buttons to help readers choose between different options. It also links directly to the services page, which increases CTR. Another example from a different industry focuses on a discount offer that can help a user make a purchase decision.

What are examples of Google Ads

When using Google Ads, make sure to check out the quality of your ads. The better the Quality Score, the higher your chances of getting more clicks and conversions Advantage Biz Marketing. Google rewards high-quality ads with lower CPCs. This reduces your cost-per-click and improves ROI. High-quality ads also get better placement on SERPs. Also, if you choose a good keyword, it is likely to result in more clicks and conversions.

When choosing keywords, keep in mind that Google allows you to use up to twenty keywords per ad, so make sure to carefully choose the ones that are likely to get the best results for your business. You can always add more keywords later, but for now, go with a few that are sure to get you results. You should also be aware of the search volumes for these keywords.

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