How Fast Does Zerorez Dry Carpet?

If you are thinking about cleaning your carpet, you’re probably wondering how fast Zerorez can dry your carpet. Traditional carpet cleaners use old-fashioned methods to clean carpets. Zerorez uses a patented cleaning process to remove dirt and restore a carpet’s original look. The cleaning process can be completed in four to eight hours. However, you can choose to have your carpets dry faster if you want.

How Fast Does Zerorez Dry Carpet?

Zerorez works by cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture using a patented cleaning fluid, Zr Clean. This cleaning fluid leaves no residue and keeps your home smelling cleaner for longer. This cleaning solution is also eco-friendly and safe for people and pets. Zerorez Orlando’s cleaning process does not use detergents or soaps. It utilizes a revolutionary cleaning fluid, Zr Clean(TM), which eliminates the problems associated with other cleaning methods.

How fast does Zerorez dry

Zerorez uses a wand to apply the cleaning solution by However, the wand does not have a high suction system and may leave behind some solution on the carpet. Depending on the amount of dirt, Zerorez may take four to eight hours to dry.

In contrast, Chem Dry’s Hot Carbonation Extraction system extracts 80% more water than conventional steam cleaners. The process also uses a truck-mounted system to extract all the solutions. As a result, Chem Dry’s drying time is between one to three hours.

Zerorez(r) is an advanced cleaning solution that uses modified alkaline water. This cleaning method is best for heavily-trafficked or soiled areas. On the other hand, the dry cleaning method is ideal for offices. Traditional steam cleaning leaves residue behind, which can take days.

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