How Funeral Homes Are Adapting to Changing Tastes

Whether you are planning a funeral or a memorial service, you may wonder how funeral homes adapt to changing tastes. Some funeral homes are taking on new styles, while others are sticking to the traditional way of doing things.

Greek Orthodox funerals adapt to changing tastes

Despite the growing number of Greek Americans, the Greek Orthodox Church in America faces a grave challenge. Although the number of adherents has increased since the post-World War II baby boom period, the number of religiously observant communicants has decreased significantly funeral home las cruces nm. The next generation of Greek Americans could see the Church’s decline as a religious institution.

How funeral homes are adapting to changing tastes

While many of the practices of Orthodox funerals are similar, the rituals and practices vary from family to family. This may reflect the customs of the community, the region, or the family itself. If you have questions about any funeral rituals, you may wish to consult your local priest or clergy.

The Greek Orthodox funeral service usually lasts around 60 minutes. The service includes readings and chanting. It may also include Holy Communion. There is usually a candle lit during the service. An altar server is also present. You will generally stand during the service, but you may wish to sit if you are uncomfortable standing.

Traditional Catholic funeral liturgy balances personal and universal

Traditionally, Catholic funerals consist of three parts: Vigil Prayers, Funeral Mass, and Committal. The Funeral Mass is the Church’s celebration of the Paschal Mystery of Christ’s victory over sin. The Committal is a ceremony to commend the deceased to the mercy of God.

Funeral liturgy can be held in the church or at the funeral home. It is usually celebrated when the family requests it. It will usually include the Gospel, sermon, and prayers.

The readings of the funeral Mass are essential. The funeral celebrant will use the thoughts and prayers of the family and congregation to help him, or she proclaim the Scripture readings. The family can also request personal readings.

The priest usually reads the Gospel during the funeral Mass, but the family may choose to read it. The readings may include Old Testament readings or readings from the OCF. The family may also choose to read a psalm, a scripture reading, or a general intercession.

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