Hydrodemolition – The High-Pressure Way to Remove Paint and Coatings

There are several benefits to hydro demolition as compared to conventional painting and coating removal techniques. Hydrodemolition robots operate at pressures of 36,259 psi and can deliver a superior bonding surface to the concrete. These robotic cutting tractors are equipped with high-pressure water pumps and support trailers. Operators must wear protective gear.

Way to Remove Paint and Coatings

In some cases, structural concrete cannot be repaired with traditional methods. In such situations, hydro demolition is the preferred method. Moreover, it preserves the reinforcement and full replacement of deck concrete. Bridge decks are a prime example of hydro demolition as it does not fracture precast concrete beams. In addition, hydro demolition does not require jackhammers to remove coatings and paint.

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Whether removing paint or coatings on steel or concrete, robotic hydrodemolition is an effective solution. Its powerful water jet removes concrete without damaging the substructure. This method can also be used to remove road markings and fuel stains. In addition to removing paint, hydro demolition can also remove concrete coatings and prevent them from adhering to new surfaces.

Robotic hydro demolition equipment is becoming a common option among industrial cleaning contractors. It removes dangerous and dirty jobs from human hands, freeing contractors to perform other jobs. Robotic hydro demolition equipment allows contractors to increase their productivity and efficiency. It also increases safety, productivity, and service offerings. Hydrodemolition robots perform full-concrete demolition and rehabilitation. Robotic machines can also be used for steel tunnel rehabilitation and refractory removal.

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