Similac Baby Formula Shortage Continues

The current shortage of Similac baby formula can be traced back to the contaminated manufacturing facility at the Abbott formula factory in Sturgis, Michigan. The plant had been closed since February following a series of consumer complaints and a link to two infant deaths. The shortage continues as Abbott refuses to return to normal production. The company has yet to agree on an alternative source of formula, which is causing concern among consumers.

Similac Baby Formula Shortage Continues

In early 2022, a major Similac factory closed, which tipped the nation’s supply chain into crisis. The shortages grew to 43% the week ending May 8, 2022. While the shortage was only 5% the previous year, this time it’s predicted to worsen. According to one analysis from Datasembly, 40% of Similac formula was out of stock as of late April. By the week ending May 8, there were 43% of the formula available for sale.

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In addition to Similac, the company also produces Recalled Similac Baby Formula, which is similar to its US-produced Similac formula. If your baby is still in the infant stage, you can opt for another formula, like Similac Organic. The latter is intended for babies between six and twelve months. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has provided guidelines for navigating a formula shortage. Making your own baby formula is another option, but doctors warn that it can be contaminated and contain low calcium content.

Many parents are stockpiling the product as they search for alternative sources. While stockpiling may be the smart choice, babies need formula during the first few months. Some babies may require specific brands due to allergies or digestive issues. Check with your local pharmacy and baby supply stores for availability. You can also look for the formula you need through manufacturers’ websites. You can even find a store locator on the manufacturer’s website.

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