The Largest Mining Companies in the World

Gold is one of the most precious metals available in the world today. It is used in everything from airplanes to watches and has even been used in creating tungsten Carbide for the construction of high-tech items like space shuttles.

Largest Mining Companies

If you have been thinking about investing in gold, it would be a good idea to first become familiar with the largest precious metal mining companies in the world today. By doing so, you will be able to choose the company that is right for you and your investment plans.

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The biggest of all of the largest mines in the world is the Gold Coast located in Australia. There are dozens of companies there that are engaged in prospecting for, refining, and processing gold and other precious ores and metals.

One of the most popular gold mining companies there is Fortescue Metals which is owned by Silverton Gold Corporation go now. With the largest mines in Australia and the largest number of stock shares held by the company, it is no wonder that they rank as the world’s third-largest gold mining company.

Next, there is London Gold Mining Corporation which is owned by the London Gold Exchange. They have two mine locations in Australia and one each in South Africa and India. They also own the Glitter Gold mine in South Africa which is the fourth largest mine in the world.

Another company that is growing in their popularity is Perth Mining Corporation which ranks behind London Gold Exchange but ahead of Fortescue Metals. This company is involved in the exploration, development, and mining of the phosphates gold mines in Australia and the development of the Skye mine in the United States.

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