Types of Granite Available in India

There are many different types of granite available in India, each with its own unique qualities. Indian granites are renowned for their beautiful natural textures. The Jet Black Granite found in southern India is one of the most popular. It has shimmering sugar crystals and is a jet black volcanic stone. If you’re looking for granite that will stand the test of time, Indian granites are a perfect choice. The variety of colors and finishes available make it an excellent choice for countertops, floors, and more.

Granite Available in India

Besides the red granite, other types of Indian granite are also available in red and black colors. If you’re looking for red granite, consider Ruby Red. This granite is found in the state of Madhya Pradesh. It is used for kitchen countertops, risers, steps, window ledges, fountains, and mosaics. Other varieties include Golden Oak Granite and Black Diamond Granite. Golden Oak Granite has brown and orange veins and is an excellent choice for innovative design projects. It is also known as Golden Oak Extra Granite.

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P White granite is the most commonly used white granite in India. It is inexpensive and ideal for commercial projects. P White granite is also a good choice for flooring because of its low price Galina. However, it is slightly porous and should be sealed to increase its durability. If you want to install granite on a building’s walls, it will need to be sealed to prevent it from staining and fading. But the price of this stone is worth it, as it is known for lasting for decades.

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