What Does CG Mean on Jewelry?

When you see the abbreviation CG on jewelry, you can rest assured that it means exactly what it says. It means “Carat Gold.” This abbreviation is used to indicate gold content in a ring. Generally, a ring with a CG stamp inside it will be composed of 15 pts of gold. Another example is a ring that has a CG 375T stamp.

What Does CG Mean on Jewelry?

When you are buying jewelry, you should first check the purity mark. It tells you how much precious metal was used to create the item. Wholesale Jewelry also contains the date code of the maker. This code is found in many things made in the 1800s and 1900s. It is a way to tell the maker’s identity and where the piece came from.

What does CG mean on jewelry

If the CG stamp is missing, the piece is not solid gold. On the other hand, the karat mark indicates that the gold is made of an electroplating process. In this case, 14k means that 14 particles are pure gold, while the remaining two are a mixture of other elements. These additional elements determine the color of the gold.

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