What Is Leptitox Used For And Is It Effective For Weight Loss?

Leptitox is a prescription-strength steroid that was originally developed to treat severe arthritis. Leptitox has been shown to have positive benefits in the area of neuropathy and pain management. Recently, this powerful drug has been shown to have potential use as a weight loss aid.

Leptitox has been shown to significantly increase leptin resistance in laboratory animals which makes sense since it acts as an inhibitory transmitter in the central nervous system. Leptitox works by reducing metabolic rate and increasing calorie intake in a person’s diet leading to weight loss when combined with exercise.

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A recent study by James Parkinson and colleagues at the University of Glasgow, UK, has been able to provide the first real review of leptitox’s effect on human obesity leptofix blog post. Their study involved testing the effect on obese men and women who were not obese but had reduced leptin levels due to severe muscle atrophy.

The results showed that leptitox increased leptin resistance and improved the metabolic rate (fatty acid transport and utilization). This is important because leptin is a powerful inhibitor of metabolic rate that limits fat gain. Parkinson’s team concluded that although the drug might be useful for weight loss in specific patients, it is not for long-term use due to the fact that the improvement in metabolic rate takes place gradually.

What is leptitox used for and is it effective for weight loss? Based on this study and other research, it appears that leptitox may be an interesting supplement to consider if you are looking to improve your ability to lose weight faster.

Although the short-term results from taking leptitox were not very promising, the potential long-term benefit may be worth taking the risk. Also, for those who have an aversion to steroid-based supplements or who would prefer to work with a natural supplement rather than a man-made pill, leptitox may be an interesting alternative.

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