What Strength of Reading Glasses Do I Need?

Whether you need reading glasses to read newspapers, magazines, or books, you need to know the correct strength. If you’re unsure, you can try on a variety of strengths at an optician’s office or store. Bring a book or a piece of paper with text on it, and test the different strengths. Choose the one slightly weaker than your regular prescription but not too weak.

What Strength of Reading Glasses Do I Need?

The strength of your reading glasses depends on the number of diopters on the lens. A lower number means the mirrors have less magnification, and a higher number means a more robust lens. Generally speaking, reading glasses are available in strengths ranging from +1.00 to +2.25 for most people.

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A diopter chart helps determine the right strength for reading glasses. A chart for eyeglasses is available on the Internet, and a few simple steps will help you find the right pair of reading glasses women. First, remove any corrective lenses you may be wearing. Next, hold up a piece of paper approximately 14 inches from your face and try to read a line from top to bottom. Once you know the right strength, you can choose the frames and lenses that best fit your vision.

Another way to find the right strength for reading glasses is to do an at-home diopter test. This simple test uses the lines in a chart to determine the strength needed to read different lines. Once you know your correct magnification, you can try them out at an optical store or optometrist’s office.

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