What’s Better SI Or VVS?

A buyer’s most important question when purchasing a diamond is, “what’s better, SI or VVS?” The answer is somewhat simple. A higher VVS rating means the diamond has fewer impurities and will sparkle more than an SI diamond. However, there are some caveats when choosing the correct diamond clarity grade.

What’s Better, SI Or VVS?

A VVS diamond is more expensive than an SI diamond. The inclusions in an SI diamond are more prominent and darker in colour. However, a quality cut and more considerable carat weight can compensate for the presence of imperfections. In addition, SI diamonds will cost less than stones with higher clarity ratings.

What's Better SI Or VVS?

The difference in price between an SI1 and an SI2 diamond is slight Wholesale Body Piercing. The inclusions in an SI1 diamond are not visible to the unaided eye, while those in an SI2 diamond can be seen.

However, the inclusions in an SI1 diamond will be more noticeable under magnification. An SI1 diamond is probably a better choice if you have a tight budget. Besides, hiding the inclusions with a setting or prong is possible.

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